Dr. Richard Erickson

Dr. Richard Erickson

Educational Background
B.A.  Westminster College  1964
M.A. Temple University   1967
Michigan State University Institute  1974
National Science Foundation Grant
Phd.  Temple University  1979
University of Colorado Institute  1996, 1997, 1999
Rocky Mountain Japan Project

Professional Experience
Teacher at Marple Newtown High School  1964 – 2002
Adjunct Professor West Chester University  1990 – 2012 (Alternate Years)
Social Studies Methods, Student Teaching
Peace Corps – China 2008-2010
University English Teaching
Adjunct Professor Cabrini College 2000 – 2008
Graduate Education
Pennsylvania History Academy 2003 – 2006
Master teacher

Professional Organizations
National Council for the Social Studies
Pennsylvania Council for the Social Studies
Former State Secretary, Board Member
Del-Ches Council for the Social Studies
Former Secretary, Past President, Treasurer
National Education Association-Retired
Representative to General Assembly
Pennsylvania State Education  Association-Retired
Representative to the House of Delegates
Marple Newtown Education Association-Retired

Fulbright Fellowships
China  Study and Travel  1985
India   Study and Travel  1989
Japan  Memorial Fund Study and Travel  1999

Keizai Koho Center Foundation Fellowship
Japan  Study and Travel  1998
Korean Teacher Fellowship  1991
Study and Travel
Turkish-American Friendship Society Fellow  2002
Study and Travel
Danforth Fellowship  1990
World Affairs Council
William Penn Fellow 1994
Civil Rights Symposium
Delaware County Humanities Teacher of the Year  1970
Marple Township Recognition for Historic Preservation  1980
Delaware County Heritage Commission Citation  1981
Certificates of Achievement American Historical Association  1980-1994
Marple Newtown School District Teacher of the Year  1986
Certificate of Merit Center for Civic Education  1992
Pennsylvania State History Teacher of the Year 1993
Pennsylvania History Day
Environmental Volunteer of the Year Watershed Association 2007

The Election of 1896 in Pennsylvania : Its Social and Cultural Impact, Temple University Press, 1979.
“The Class Trip,” Guide to Field Trips, NEA Publications, 1984.
Nippon Nyumon Chapter Published 1999 (NCSS)
Japan Studies Leadership Program 1999 Curriculum Published
“NCLB,” Building Better Schools, NEA Publication, 2007.
So You’re Gonna Teach English in China, American International Cultural Exchane Institute, Manual, 2007.


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