World Zen Art Center Committee

Consultants:   Dr. Richard Erickson (West Chester University)

Honorary Dean:   Miao Feng (USA China Buddhist Association Abbot)

Consultant Served:    Sze Sang Lee ( president of China Zen Art Academy)

Yong-Kang He (president of American Chinese Artists Association)

President:   Yi-Xiong Gu

Executive Dean:   I-Ling Eleen Lin

World zen art Center Council

Yi-Xiong Gu

I-Ling Eleen Lin

Chun-Yun Huang

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World Zen Art Center established in New York, the center is a non-profit international Zen art research institution. Its target is to research and exchange Zen art. It hopes to encourage, attract and promote Zen artists from around the world. Our activities are funded mainly donations from the community. Including funds, goods, heritage and other donations. Use it to develop the goals and objectives of our center.

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