About us

About the World Zen Art Center

World Zen Art Center was incorporated in the State of New York, in the United States on December 15, 2012. It is a non-profit, International Zen Tao art research institution. By the Yixiong Gu Zen art master initiated the establishment. We mainly research the occult Chinese culture of Zen Tao and Art. Our ambition and life goal is to establish an international Zen Tao Art development to ensure Zen Tao Art’s prosperity and appreciation for generations to come.

Chinese philosophy is the highest tai chi;. Yin and yang theory It is used to illustrate the eternal laws of the universe Chinese philosophy of Zhou Yi (also known as I Ching, Classic of Changes, Book of Changes, Zhouyi) developed to the. highest stage during the Song Dynasty. Philosophy is representative of the Chinese Confucianism Master, Zhu Xi. Zen is a Chinese Zen Buddhist Dharma, essential school. With Zen methods and practice a high degree of unity between man and nature can be reached. By learning Zen you can eliminate troubles by using it to predict the reasonably foreseeable future. Ones conscious mind can go travel the Universe (humans do not understand about other worlds) To accomplish Chinese Zen calligraphy and ink painting the artist must enter the Zen state by meditating first. The painting is an experience and expression of Zen and it’s effect on people makes them appreciate the work, it makes people’s mind clear, makes them feel good, simple, and even may give rise to self-reflection to rethink life skills approach and attitude.
We rely on donations from social groups and individuals to achieve our goals and objectives. Including funds, goods, heritage and other donations. If you think we do is meaningful, support us.

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世界禪藝術研究院 World Zen Art Center established in New York, the center is a non-profit international Zen art research institution. Its target is to research and exchange Zen art. It hopes to encourage, attract and promote Zen artists from around the world. Our activities are funded mainly donations from the community. Including funds, goods, heritage and other donations. Use it to develop the goals and objectives of our center.

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