Chang-Qing Deng

Chang-Qing Deng
鄧長青 Chang-Qing Deng

Chang-Qing Deng, another name Chang-Chun Deng. American painter; Born in Guangzhou in 1968. She followed his father in 1986 moved to New Jersey, USA. A childhood love of painting and calligraphy, preferences Collection. The painting style pursuit of literati comfortable Zen quiet Realm. She is currently the vice president of Chinese American Artists Association . The Honorary Fellow of World Zen Art Center. Invited painter for China Zen Art Academy.

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世界禪藝術研究院 World Zen Art Center established in New York, the center is a non-profit international Zen art research institution. Its target is to research and exchange Zen art. It hopes to encourage, attract and promote Zen artists from around the world. Our activities are funded mainly donations from the community. Including funds, goods, heritage and other donations. Use it to develop the goals and objectives of our center.

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