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Mr. Andrew Yixiong Gu, the President of World Zen Art Center, co-director of China Zen Art Academy. Mr. Gu specializes in Chinese ink landscape and Zen paintings. His ambition and life goal is to establish an international Zen Art development to ensure Zen Art's prosperity and appreciation for generations to come. 古一雄,字芸閣。國際禪林畫師。現任世界禪藝術研究院(US)院長,中國禪林畫院(HK)院長。畫師志立于推動禪書畫的國際發展和繁榮。

Mr. Zhang Zhimin gave a speech entitled “Characteristics of Chinese Painting”

Mr. Zhang Zhimin, a famous Chinese painter, gave
a speech entitled “Characteristics of Chinese Painting”
at China Institute in New York. – More

Housewarming Ceremony held at China Institute in New York

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Housewarming Ceremony held at China Institute in New York, –  World Zen Art Center Luoseng reports

China Institute at 40 Rector Street in New York held a grand housewarming ceremony starting from 11:00 am September 12, 2015. The opening Kong Fu performance attracted a lot of people. Many parents with their children came to consult the relevant cultural activities. Activates like dance, Taichi, Chinese cooking classes and demo teaching were conducted in the newly-updated classrooms. Mr. Yixiong Gu from the World Zen Art Center was also invited to perform Zen brush painting. With the calm Zen music, ——More

Cross Culturalism on Long Island” photo exhibition opening

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What a wonderful opening of our photo exhibition we had at Nesconset Library today! The theme was “Beautiful Taiwan.” Many thanks to the amazingly talented performers and calligraphers who did such a beautiful job….and Legislator Leslie Kennedy and Suffolk Comptroller John M. KLennedy Jr. for joining us. The exhibition will remain until 5/29 and then move to Commack Library where the opening program on 6/6 will be a delightful presentation on Indian weddings. Hope you can join us! ——More

Golden Eagle Institute Zen painting classes at the school April 8, 2014.

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Golden Eagle Institute Zen painting classes at the school April 8, 2014.
Zen painting courses Golden Eagle Institute in New York in the school April 8, 2014. Zen masters painting instructor is Yi-Xiong Gu. Mr. Gu is a good painting instructor. New York students enjoyed learning his Zen ink painting courses.——More