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Our World Zen Art Center is a non profit Zen arts research institute registered with the New York state government. Our center EIN:47-2439170. Our ambition and life goal to establish an American center for the study of International Zen Arts to ensure that Zen is the prosperity and appreciation of future generations.

Since the establishment of the center, we have participated in community art exhibitions and related activities without compensation under the efforts of master Gu. The event report is already on our website. We’ve set up a Facebook and PayPal account. Now in order to improve the further development of our organization, we need the organization’s start-up capital of 100,000 US dollars.

This donation will be used to maintain the normal expenses of our center, the rent of the site, the wages of part-time employees, the equipment, the publicity and the cost of accountants. The financial management of our center is open and legal, and we will publish the financial report of each year on the website. To ensure the realization of our ambition and life goal! Our website

Welcome to know and pay attention to our center! If you think we are doing a meaningful and ideal career, please support us! Sincerely thank you for your donation!


自从中心成立以来,在Gu大师的努力带领下,我们无偿的参与了社区艺术展览和相关活动。活动报道已经在我们的网站上。我们已经建立了脸书和PayPal账户。 现在为了完善我们的组织机构进一步发展的需要,我们需要组织机构的启动资金10万美元。



世界禪藝術研究院 World Zen Art Center established in New York, the center is a non-profit international Zen art research institution. Its target is to research and exchange Zen art. It hopes to encourage, attract and promote Zen artists from around the world. Our activities are funded mainly donations from the community. Including funds, goods, heritage and other donations. Use it to develop the goals and objectives of our center.

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